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Bloggin Ain’t So Bad After All

For an aspiring magazine editor, I’m finding it hard to spit out my first blog on the spot. Normally my fingers can’t stop rubbing the letters off of the keyboard. As a beginner, I decided to turn to the ones that have been doing this far more than I have. The only way to find inspiration is to search the web, right? Wrong. Inspiration can come from places you’ve only thought about in your dreams. But, for the moment, we’ll stick with the world wide web.

After a little digging, I discovered a pick-me-up on A page solely for women bloggers everywhere. From art, to fashion, to travel, to sex, it’s a place to talk about, well, whatever! After reading through a few that caught my eye (mostly about entertainment, fashion, etc..I’m not one for politics) I realized that blogging isn’t as bad as I thought. This could be because I developed the mindset that only “weirdo’s” with “nothing to do” posted blogs about absolutely nothing on websites such as “Myspace.” Professional blogging gives it a twist, but a good one, in my favor.

So, here we start to blog. Here we start to get involved in organizations. Here we develop ourselves from timid college students to go-getters that want to create a life for themselves in the magazine journalism industry. So I’ll start by writing for the school newspaper, by joining organizations such as Ed2010, and by learning and growing from women who have done it before me, and have done it well. So search the links and find the blogger in you.


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