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La Liberta’ di Espressione!

As an aspiring journalist, although not in the broadcasting field, a freedom that is imperative is the freedom of speech and expression. Also as an Italian language studies minor, something that is important is reading italian newspapers. So, I found something that pertained to both the journalism and the Italian aspects.

On November 11, 2006 there was an article on called “Liberta’ nel web, ecco la “lista nera” in 13 Paesi si e’ constretti al silenzio.” For those of you who are not educated in the language, “Freedom on the web, here is the “black list” in 13 countries who have constricted themselves to silence.”

The article talks about 13 countries, including North Korea, Saudi Arabia, China and Egypt, just to name a few, in which freedom of expression is prohibited. An organization called “Reporters Senza Frontiere,” or “Reporters without Borders,” include people from these countries. The purpose of this organization is to raise awareness about this lack of freedom.

In these countries, if someone posts a blog or writes something on a web site that contradicts the regime, or “badmouths” the local government, the consequence is often time in prison. For example, in Cuba, if an independent journalist uses the web, the punishment for writing an article is one year in prison.

“Reporters without Borders” started a protest online for 24 hours, in which you could visit their website and vote for the country you think most offends the freedomo of expression. Every year, the “black list” is getting smaller, which is a good thing, but it is very hard to accomplish. It is times like these that I am proud to be an American citizen, with all the rights and freedoms that we have. We take for granted our freedom to express ourselves. As the article stated, “La liberta’ di espressione non e’ un lusso, ma un diritto di tut


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