Have a little faith in horoscopes

So…I was bored, and nothing interesting was on TV, so I went on Seventeen.com to check my horoscope. Pathetic, I know. But sometimes those things catch you by surprise. Anyway, after seeing that “it’s an excellent time to have interviews of all kinds,” (yes, thats what it said) I  started to read a letter from the editor of Seventeen entitled, “How do I become an editor or intern?” Well now, that caught my eye. Who better to explain all this than Atoosa Rubenstein, editor-in-chief?

Write. Write whatever you can, when you can. Read. Read magazines, especially the ones that interest you. Look at the titles and read the letters from the editors. Look at their point of view. Get an internship. Go to New York City. Major in WHAT YOU LIKE. (Atoosa majored in Political Science…??) Make phone calls. Get experience. Don’t wait. Be fierce, be enthousiastic, be passionate. Competition is tough, and it’s out there.

A link at the bottom of her letter read “How to apply for an internship at Seventeen.” It’s simple, and it is broken down into departments such as fashion, beauty/fitness, features, and art/production.

Most likely, I would look into the art/production interns. Yes, I like to write. Yes, I like to edit stories. But I LOVE photography and layouts. Hmm..maybe I should have majored in graphic design…?


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